Every business and large corporation needs a business coach is some way. Large corporations pay 100's of thousands of dollars to consulting firms, franchises employ internal business coaches and independents who want to succeed get a mentor. You have seen the difference a mentor can make through watching shows such as The Mentor, Mary Queen of Shops, Shark Tank, The Franchise Show, The Small Business Revolution, and Relative Success. Bootstrapped like the above shows looks deep into your business to discover what you need to stop, start and continue doing. We will empower you through our sessions to make the necessary changes that will re-boot your business.


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"I have known Sally for a few years and have always been impressed by her astute nature to analyse a problem and provide insightful observations and recommendations. I was thrilled when Sally started Bootstrapped - an invaluable resource for startups. The service brings together like minded professionals in diverse fields with a simple passion to help other startups achieve their full potential. In my case All Real Food needed a reboot - we'd been going for about 3 years and not quite achieving the outcomes we had hoped for... trying the same things over and over expecting a different result (think Eisenstein). With Sally, we developed a 100-day plan to refocus and reinvest into the business the passion and reasons as to why we started in the first place.  It has been hard, challenging previously held beliefs and positions but the changes are happening and we are excited to be embarking on the next 100-day plan with Sally and her team besides us. Whether you are just starting out, 3 or 30 years in, I can recommend Bootstrapped as an invaluable resource to get your business going or simply to refocus and reinvest your passion in your business".


Mark - All Real Food - Founder

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Sally is a successful businesswoman, business coach, career mentor, brand innovation facilitator and advisor for small and large businesses. Her savvy business expertise comes from her 20 years experience in managing small businesses across a variety of industries including fashion, F & B, hospitality, retail, homewares, sports & fitness, education, music, marketing, travel, health & wellness, membership services,  and much more.


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